Conference Speakers

H.E. Ghada Wali
H.E. Ghada Wali Minister of Social Solidarity Egypt
Eng. Shahab al-Nawawi
Eng. Shahab al-Nawawi Chairman of Giza Systems Company and Giza Systems Foundation Educational (Egypt)
Dr. Heba Wagih
Dr. Heba Wagih Professor of Psychology at the American University (Egypt)
Ibrahim Salama
Ibrahim Salama Mass Communication Student (Egypt)
Mirette Zaki
Mirette Zaki Group HR DirectorGiza Systems (Egypt)
د. منى موافي
د. منى موافي مؤسس ورئيس RISE Egypt
Counselor Mohammed Omar Al – Qamari
Counselor Mohammed Omar Al – Qamari Legal Advisor and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Alternative Families at the Ministry of Social Solidarity (Egypt)
Dr. Sahar Madshor
Dr. Sahar Madshor Advisor to the Minister of Social Solidarity (Egypt)
Abdelrahman Saber Abd el Fatah
Abdelrahman Saber Abd el Fatah Administrative Officer at Resala (Egypt)
Eman Ragab
Eman Ragab Board Member, Fustat Association (Egypt)
جاكلين راشد
جاكلين راشد استشاري حماية الطفل – هيئة انقاذ الطفولة (مصر)
Dr. Nahla Kamal
Dr. Nahla Kamal Director of Institutional Relations Nestlé (Egypt)
Eng. Ali chrri
Eng. Ali chrri Director General of Al Mabarrat Association (Lebanon)
Hssein ALi Hamze
Hssein ALi Hamze Director of Quality and Human Resources Department - Al Mabarrat Foundation - Lebanon
Alaa Abd El-Ati
Alaa Abd El-Ati Assistant Minister of Solidarity for Social Welfare (Egypt)
Badr Mabrouk
Badr Mabrouk Freelance Photographer (Egypt)
Eng. Reda Ali
Eng. Reda Ali Quality Control Engineer and Communication Specialist (Egypt)
Walid Galal
Walid Galal Board Member Logic Training and HR Development Company ( Egypt)
Ayman Ismail Soliman
Ayman Ismail Soliman Chairman of the Board DMG (Egypt)
Maamoun el Kadaa
Maamoun el Kadaa Head of Support and Programs Al Amaan Fund for the Future of Orphans ( Jordan )
Rami Nader
Rami Nader General ManagerThe Littlest Lamb (Egypt)
Hamza Zeinhom
Hamza Zeinhom General Manager for Tabarak non-governmental organization(Egypt)
Eng. Ahmed youssef, MBA
Eng. Ahmed youssef, MBA founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kelma Business
Anisa Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Anisa Ahmed Al-Jarallah Deputy Chairperson Kayan for Alternative Care non-governmental organization (Kuwait)
Dr. Rawan W.  Ibrahim
Dr. Rawan W.  Ibrahim Assistant Professor at the Department of social work GJU (Jordan)
James Farley
James Farley Researcher in Alternative CareDepartment of SociologyDurham University (UK)
Dr. Hamam Al Harithy
Dr. Hamam Al Harithy Eastern Region Area Manager-Ekhaa Charitable foundation (KSA)
Adham Khder
Adham Khder General Manager-Sakeena organization(Jordan)
Nahla ElNemr
Nahla ElNemr Senior institutional development assessor (Egypt)
Amera Ghoneim
Amera Ghoneim Manager to the professional programs at Amaan Center (Egypt)
Ahmed El-Ibyari
Ahmed El-Ibyari Founder & CEO - Intellect (Egypt)
Aya Yasser
Aya Yasser External Relations Manager Wataneya Society (Egypt)
Dr. Wessam El Beih
Dr. Wessam El Beih Country Director of Drosos Foundation in Egypt
Dr. Hala Hammad
Dr. Hala Hammad Consultant Psychiatrist for Adolescents, Children, and Family Relationships- The British Center for Counseling (Egypt)
Ibrahim ِAl-Ahmed
Ibrahim ِAl-Ahmed General Manager Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans(Jordan)
Yasmine El Hagry
Yasmine El Hagry Deputy Executive Director Wataneya Society (Egypt)
Mona AbdelNabi
Mona AbdelNabi Institutional Development Manager Wataneya Society (Egypt)
Mohamed Othman
Mohamed Othman Assistant Social Researcher Ministry of Labor and Social Development(KSA)
Dr. Moez El Shohdi
Dr. Moez El Shohdi CO –Founder & CEO of Food Banking Regional Network(Egypt)
H.E. Dr. Mohammad Halaiqah
H.E. Dr. Mohammad Halaiqah Former Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs(Jordan)
Ahmed El Asad
Ahmed El Asad Founder of Talentology Training Company (Jordan)
Hadeel Al Amayreh
Hadeel Al Amayreh Senior Communication Specialist, King Hussein Foundation (Jordan)
Tobias Lengsfeld
Tobias Lengsfeld Head of Department, Drosos Foundation (Europe)
Dr. Kiran Modi
Dr. Kiran Modi Founder and CEO - L Udayan Care (India)
Noha Emam Hassanin
Noha Emam Hassanin Researcher, The American University in Cairo (Egypt)
Nabil Saleh El Zahry
Nabil Saleh El Zahry General Manager, Dar Zayed for Family Care (UAE)
Mohamed Khabar
Mohamed Khabar Director of Programme, SOS Children’s Villages International (Morocco)
Mariam Farag
Mariam Farag Head of CSR-MBC Hope, MBC Group(Egypt)
Zeina Ismail Alloush
Zeina Ismail Alloush Child Protection / Preventing Separation Regional Expert (Lebanon)